WOVEN MASTERCLASS: Chapter 1 - Archetypes 101

A session with Mark Bower and Helen Brocklebank
Woven and Walpole

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A great brand needs a great story. Here’s how to tell yours.

Everyone loves a good story — sinking into our sofas, escaping into imaginary worlds, and putting real life on pause for a while.

But what makes certain stories so compelling? How do successful storytellers – from Spielberg to Tolkien — keep audiences entranced?

One key reason is their use of archetypes: characters and stories we relate to because — as psychoanalyst Carl Jung put it — they’re rooted in our subconscious. When storytellers use archetypal characters, we care about them because we’re all hardwired to immediately understand them.

Helping us to understand, relate, and care - that’s the power of archetypes. And that’s how successful brands use them, too.

Nike, for example, is an empowering Hero; Dyson a transformative Magician. Both harness the power of archetypes to forge strong, singular identities we all recognise and rally around.

And that’s how you can use them, too.

There are twelve brand archetypes — but which one are you? And how can you use it to tap into the power of storytelling, entrance your audience, and turn strangers into long-term brand advocates?

We’ve broken it down for you, chapter by chapter.

Join us on the 28th April at 5pm for a storytime you won’t soon forget.

Like any irresistible page-turner, each chapter of our event will keep you gripped for the next:

Chapter 1: Archetypes 101 - 28th April 2021 A fascinating crash course in Jungian archetypes and their timeless influence. That will forever change the way you see your brand today, what it may become in the future.

Chapter 2: Techniques of the Author - 2nd June 2021 The most spellbinding storytelling methods are rarely the most obvious. Let our author-in-residence peel back the curtain, showing you how to capture attention and keep it.

Chapter 3: Narratives become new business - 23rd June 2021 How is a well-crafted brand story activated as a powerful commercial asset? This creative exploration by Mark Bower, Executive Creative Director at Woven Agency, will demonstrate where the rubber meets the road —and becomes revenue.

Chapter 4: Learning from the best - 28th July 2021 You've learned the mythology and the method, now we'll show you what a fantastic job looks like. These exquisite brands impress, inspire and offer the perfect prologue to your own story.

These sessions are for Walpole members only and have limited spaces - please email RSVP@walpolebritishluxury.co.uk to reserve your place.

Helen Brocklebank

Helen Brocklebank is the Chief Executive of Walpole.

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